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Catherine Selinger

Catherine Selinger is a graduate of the University of Toronto, earning an MBA and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. After years of increasing executive level positions in the business world, her career culminated when the company for which she was President and Chairman of the Board was sold in 2005. With a significant change in her spouse’s career at the same time, she and her husband Robert decided to get out of the “big city”, moving to the Kawarthas area.

Ending up in an idyllic setting on Big Bald Lake just outside of Buckhorn, Ontario, they spent several years working on two major home additions, as well as significant interior renovations of their “House on the Rock” located three stories high overlooking a beautiful western sunset view on one of the beautiful Trent-Severn Waterway lakes.

The beauty of the Canadian Shield natural surroundings, with its lonely windswept pines, multi-hued sunsets over tumbling water and beautiful pink granite were the inspirations for Catherine to finally devote herself full time to an artistic life. Mostly self-taught Catherine has been fortunate to take workshops from such talented artists as Art Cunanan, Margaret Roseman, Doug Mays, Gary Chapman and Barbara Holtz to name a few. Focusing on delicate florals and rugged, serene landscapes, Catherine paints in both watercolour and pastel, depending on the subject matter and treatment. Always inspired and awed by the overwhelming beauty of her natural surroundings, Catherine tries not to let a day go by without some kind of artistic expression, even if it is just spending tirme exploring and soaking up creative inspiration from the Beautiful East Central Ontario landscape. Major, her German Shepherd Dog, is a constant companion for many memorable outdoor adventures.

A strong sense of atmosphere and mood as well as richly-applied pigment are hallmarks of Catherine’s original award-winning paintings. Always fascinated by drama and colour in unique combinations, Catherine invites you to take a glimpse into her world with elegantly composed, which she hopes are lyrical, dynamic and moving. The viewer is asked to participate with her on a journey of joy and excitement, balanced by a profound respect for the natural raw beauty of this very evocative part of Canada.

Catherine is a member of several art groups in the Kawarthas area – The Buckhorn Artists’ Group, Kawartha Artists’ Gallery & Studio, East Central Ontario Art Association and the Lakefield Creative Arts Group. Catherine has sold her work to customers across Canada, United States and abroad.

Recent Awards:
2013 – Second Place, Open Division, Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, Buckhorn, Ontario (‘A Simple Moment’, a watercolour vignette.)
2012 – Honourable Mention, Open Division, Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, Buckhorn, Ontario (“Just Be ‘Cos’, a watercolour floral.)
2011 – Third Place, Novice Division, Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, Buckhorn, Ontario (‘Winter Welcome’, a watercolour landscape.)

“Our world is incredibly beautiful, unique and fragile. It is a privilege to be able to express my wonder and respect for it through artistic expression.” – Catherine Selinger