Entrance to the Secret Garden

Julia Carr Wilson

Julia began creating art as a child “about 5 or 6 years old, I remember painting a killer whale (orca), and a bald headed eagle inspired by an ornithology hobby shared with my Dad” Her current Art collections are based in oils and mixed media, “Oils are so much fun to play with…seeing the way they reflect light, although acrylics and i-pad painting are interesting and time saving alternatives. Landscapes are Julia’s primary subject matter “we are very lucky to live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world with literally glittering lakes and soft pine tree forests not forgetting the amazing fall colours of maples, beech, a myriad of trees” Julia studied Art and Art History in Bexhill College in England. Julia is a keen photographer however Art is her passion “I can’t always capture the light / the detail / the ambiance of the moment in a photograph. To recreate that fleeting moment fully is my reason to create Art !

Born in the County of Kent, in England to Valerie and Robin, the second oldest of four children, my siblings are Elizabeth, Michael and Katy. Grew up in East Sussex on the beautiful south coast of England, often vacationing in the west country along the pretty coastal shores of Devon. I attended Bexhill College and Hastings College of Arts and Technology, and the University of of South Wales. Emigrated to Canada in 2001 and presently live in the Kawartha’s with my Partner Alan, along with my Dog “Causeway” & Cat “Sandbar”.

Julia’s next Art Show is a collection is titled “Kawartha Countryside Tour” The Art Show runs 30th March to 10 April 2016, Opening Reception is Saturday 2 April 2016 at 1-4pm at 420 O’Connell Road, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada….