Marilyn Simpson

Creating a painting, in my experience, can be compared to performing a dance. You try to give your best performance for the enjoyment of others and at the same time you try to engage in the process and enjoy it yourself. The process is not simple. No one dances with the goal of reaching the other side of the dance floor by the shortest route possible.

During painting sessions, when things run smoothly, I can rely on my experience and intuition and give myself over to “the rhythm of the music”. In that place there is no concept of time. But when things go wrong, I can quickly be brought back to basics – close observation, attention to materials and technique and the essentials of painting.

Though I paint still-lifes and subjects from nature, my greatest enjoyment comes from my portrait work. It excites me to try to capture the mood or spirit of a person while working from a live model. In my approach, achieving a true likeness is important but not essential. I do not allow my choice of colour, line or composition to be limited by what I see before me. Everything that appears in our art is a matter of interpretation – first by the artist and then by the viewer.

I hope my work reflects “the dances” I have performed over the past few years. I hope you will see, or sense, what I want to reveal through the painting process.