Moo by Gail Hawkins

Gail Hawkins

Gail is a native of Peterborough Ontario and has loved making art all of her life. Drawing and painting nature, domestic animals, buildings, landscapes and people are her favourite subjects.

Photography is her second love and many of her photos become resource material for future paintings. Working on location in the Kawarthas with graphite or ink and watercolour, Gail draws areas of interest in detailed vignettes.

She has taken workshops over the years with many talented artists and studied many art books but Gail is reluctant to copy others and has developed her own style and is not afraid to experiment with something new, be it media or subject. Gail is proud to say she is self- taught.

Since the 80’s Gail has worked on some commissions, such as private cottages, century homes and tropical wedding locations in various media. In 2012 Gail received a commission to paint the “Medical Centre”. This included a full sized original painting (a montage of six views of the building) done in watercolour and ink, an original size print, and six 8”x 10” prints.

In early 2009 Gail was published in “Aquatic Plants Guide” for the Kawartha Lake Stewards Association. She produced six small watercolour paintings, illustrating ways to eradicate weeds without using herbicides.

Artist Statement: I enjoyed entering shows for many years in my local area. I enter Kawartha Artist Gallery shows as much as I can. I also have a small gallery at my home and a large studio where I enjoy making art and instructing small groups of artists that want to learn what I know from my experiences.

I have worked as an instructor of painting and drawing in different types of media in the early 90’s. I worked for the Board of Education night classes and after that, for Class Connections. I also enjoyed instructing workshops and classes at the Kawartha Artist Gallery for several years.

I instruct a class at Activity Haven, regularly each week, as well as a few other small groups periodically. This part of being an artist is gratifying to me because it is fun and it is always good to go over what you know.

The best thing I can say to anybody that wants to paint is “All the time you paint, you are learning and the more you paint the more you learn.” How lucky I am to have art in my life and to play like a child!

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