Daisies by Lorraine Ryan

Lorraine Ryan-Daisys

Lorraine Ryan

Using the arts to express myself is a real joy. I grew up in Lakefield, alongside the Otonabee River. Growing up in the 40s, a wonderful time, when you just enjoyed the outside clean air and rivers and all the wonderful scenery around us. Now I am to put some of this enjoyment down in the arts field. Watercolour, pen and ink, acrylic, mixed media, and photography. I enjoy it all…

I started with folk art, when the children were growing, Learned about colour and how to use your brushes from Helen Belsey at the tea room in Keene. We got to bring home a finished piece at the end of each day. That was a real bonus. Later joined the Folk art guild in Peterborough. Lots of great friends to paint with and learn new techinques.

Moved on to many other artistic outlets, Richard Haymens courses at the Peterborough School of Fine Art, Barb Holtz classes in Lakefield, George Elliots night school drawing courses..and many more..I still try to take as many classes as possible when time permits. You are never to old to learn, especially when it is fun.

Now I belong to the Buckhorn Artists’ Group and the Kawartha Outdoor Painters, both great groups with lots of friends with like interests.

I have really enjoyed my journey as an artist, you are never finished learning in this life, and the arts field is a pleasant way to enjoy nature and all the wonderful people along the way.