Summer Shadows by Phyllis Léger

Phyllis Leger

I began painting over 25 years ago when I first joined the ‘ Cobourg Art Club ‘ then moved on to London and joined the ‘ Chinese Art Institute ‘ where I learned to paint withwatercolor on rice paper. Since retiring and settled in Campbellford I have taken occasional ‘ art courses ‘ locally and at Loyalist College.

I am primarily a self-taught artist with a desire to create and to try out different medium. I do especially enjoy ‘ Encaustic ‘ as it allows a freedom not found in other mediums. The technique ‘ Encaustic ‘ comes from the Greek ‘ enkaustikos’ which means to heat or to burn. Encaustic is the name for both, a medium or pigmented wax, and the process involves heating each layer as I apply the wax to a wood canvas. Encaustic allows for the building of layers, for a delicate luminosity and smoothed roughness. I begin my work without too much of a preconceived idea and see where it will lead me. It is often a surprise when the final image is revealed.

I belong to KAGS in Peterborough and Spirit of the Hills (Northumberland Hills Arts Association).