Jaan Teng

I like to use saturated colours with strong value and hue contrasts. It is my belief that all art is representational — it re-presents what is going on inside the artist’s head. Since we each live within our own conscious construction of the world, the act of communicating becomes a truly interesting challenge. It only appears easy and effortless. The essence of qualia cannot be described, hence perceptual communication relies mainly on our ability to discriminate contrasts.

Ultimately everything we do is some form of human art, or human art is everything we do and can do.
Thus the concept of „art‟ is both historical looking backward and open looking forward. What is important in art is „value‟ since what we do, or could possibly do, can be either trivial or profound. A Grecian urn and a mustard jar at McDonald’s are both pieces of pottery – examples of human artistry, but we have different feelings about each of them and hence assign them different values.

It is my wish that my art elicits positive feelings and thus contains some inherent human value.