Study in Hope

Theresa Morris

“Art is an invitation into the expansive, wordless world of creativity and the imagination.” Art is an endless challenge and joy. Colour, line, shape and texture present a kaleidoscope of possibility.

Art has been a fascination and interest to me for as long as I can remember. Over time I have studied with many teachers, taken many courses, and met many artists. But I have only just begun !

As it is for many artists, retirement is an opportunity ! There are new freedoms in one’s time – to paint, to learn and to explore. How often do you hear artists say- “I always wanted to paint, but there was the day job, the family and so on?” Well, retirement is that opportunity and that is exactly what I am doing !

In our fast paced jangled day to day world, art is a welcome oasis. Welcome to my section on the KAGS website.

Here at the KAGS website, I have included several of my latest paintings.
Non-representational abstract is the direction I choose. The medium that I am using presently is oil and cold wax.