After the Rain by Sue Wilkins


Sue Wilkins

It seems I have lived all my life in art of one form or another. In work and play I’ve always gravitated to the creative side.

While my work took a practical path in retail floral design, then as a designer of quilting patterns, the elements and principles of design instilled during those years have helped pave the way in my passion for painting.

Our Canadian landscape is a never ending source of inspiration. The turning of the seasons and the ever changing mood of skies and waterways fuel my quest to grasp “a moment in time”.

To catch the feel of place is always challenging, and I ‘buzz’ whenever I come close to making mind, eye, paint and brush work together as I hope them to do. Those moments are magical.

I paint for me, but as an artist I can only hope my interpretive approach will touch the viewer to feel a connection to a time and place revisited in their own memories.

Working primarily in oils and acrylics, and playing with encaustic from time to time, I belong to KAGS in Peterborough & Spirit of the Hills in Northumberland County.

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