Ladybugs by Thomas W Young

Tom Young - Ladybugs

Thomas Young

Thomas W. Young, “TOM” to his friends, has spent the whole of his career as an Integration and Test Manager on the Canadarm 1 and Canadarm 2 for the Space Shuttle and the Space Station respectively, earning two Silver Snoopies and the NASA Public Service Medal in the process.

His main hobby in the early early years was Bonsai, the art of miniature trees, of which he had a large collection. There was a natural link to Japanese Brush Calligraphy and Painting which he pursued until he discovered Watercolour in 1988.

Tom’s natural ability for engineering drawing was helpful initially and after two years he began to master the use of water, a difficult task. Since then after many lesson and workshops he has developed his own style, mainly consisting of bright colours and transparency. Never afraid of a challenge he is always ready for a fresh approach to any subject, from traditional to surrealism. Tom’s work is present in many private collections.