La Casati

Linda Patterson

I grew up in Chatham, Ontario and attended U of T, where I earned an Honours BA in Fine Art. After graduation I had many different jobs to support myself. At the same time, I became a wife and mother of three, while continuing to create art. Later, I became an art teacher, but have now retired and moved on to making art full time.

I work in many mediums, depending on what I am interested in at the moment. For many years I worked representationally in watercolour and pen and ink. After my experiences as a high school art teacher, I became interested in mixed media, altered art and collage.

Most recently, for the last four years, I have become enthralled by the creation of one-of-a-kind Fine Art Dolls. A Fine Art doll is not a plaything, but a work of art. I sculpt mine from air dry clay, or polymer clay. I was inspired by the work of Anna Brahms, with whom I have taken a workshop. Once I discovered the world of one-of-a-kind art dolls, I tried my hand at creating many different kinds and styles of dolls. I am finally evolving my own style and discovering what materials I feel comfortable using. I am delighted to be able to use all my interests and skills when I create a doll. I am a sculptor, wireworker, carpenter, painter and couturier, as well as storyteller. Every doll teaches me something new about my craft and I can’t wait to get into my studio every day.

The excitement generated by my delight in making dolls has a carryover effect in my other art pursuits. I see so many interesting techniques and ideas on the internet that I am inspired to create visual art whenever I have a spare moment, usually mixed media.

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