Water Lilies in a Stream

William Punt

I am a self-thought painter, influenced by many others. Growing up in the Netherlands in my teens and early twenties, I was exposed to a number of Dutch masters, Rembrandt (of course), Frans Hals, Hendrik Averkamp, Jacob van Ruisdael etc. As a student at the Technical University at Delft, I lived a canal away from where Johan Vermeer used to live. He immortalized the “Oost Poort” in one of his paintings; my faculty building was near this and that site is included in this painting.

More recent influences are lessons from Stephen Snider at the Art School of Peterborough and workshops with Lucy Manley.

I like to paint landscapes; my style is somewhere between realism and expressionism. Here, Monet and Pissarro are my favourites among the impressionists. I like to paint what I see and share this with others. My paintings tend to rely on composition, colour and contrast with some realism and focus to appeal to the viewer.