Workshops – In the Studio


Workshops by Guest Instructors vary in length and subject and are arranged through the KAGS  Workshops Convenor.  If there is an instructor you would like to recommend, please contact the Workshops Convenor. For workshops information, or to register, please contact the Workshops Coordinator at

Applications for space in KAGS workshops will be accepted on a "first come" basis. The course fee must be paid in full at the time of application to secure a place in the workshop.

Registration for all workshops will open 2 months prior to the start of the workshop.  (for example:  Workshops happening September 26th & 27th will open for registration on July 26th)  -  MARK YOUR CALENDAR AHEAD OF TIME SO YOU DON'T MISS OUT !

Use of Oil Paint in the studio at KAGS

Painters in Oil will recall that no solvents, including odourless mineral spirits may be used in the studio. Walnut oil, mineral oil, baby oil may be used. A product such as Gamblin solvent-free gel would be an alternative. All items brought in and/or used with the oil paint must be taken home with you. Brushes should be taken home to be cleaned.

 2020 Upcoming Workshops 


Lucy Manley Winter Workshop

Six Monday Afternoons from 1-4pm,  

starting January 20th, 2020.